Asmeret @ TEDtalk: Soil can be an important part of the solution to address climate change, if only we can just stop treating it like dirt!


It was an incredible honor to get invited to talk about soils and climate change at TED2019 conference in Vancouver.


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You can read about my talk from:

Screenshot 2019-04-19 15.05.30.png


Screenshot 2019-04-19 15.00.55.png

As if speaking about soil and climate change at this stage was not exciting enough, I also got to meet Al Gore, who of course was very well knowledgeable about the role of soils and importance of regenerative agriculture for climate change mitigation,  and was kind enough to express that he was happy to see I was there to talk  about soils and climate change.


I felt like my job was done, when my talk got a  shout out during the wrap up of the conference from Freestyle Love Supreme–the improv brainchild of Anthony Veneziale and Lin-Manuel Miranda–in their improve performance by Anthony Veneziale, Christopher Jackson (Hamilton’s George Washington himself!), Chris Sullivan, Arthur Lewis, and Utkarsh Ambudkar. IMG_1900.jpeg

So long Vancouver, this was fun!


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