Principal Investigator

Asmeret Asefaw Berhe
Professor & Falasco Chair in Earth Sciences and Geology

Research focus: see Research page
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Kyungjin Min

Research focus: deep soil organic matter storage and stabilization

co-mentored by Wolfgang Busch (Salk Insitute)

Todd Longbottom

Research Focus: Deep Soil Organic Matter (SOM) dynamics; Application of spectroscopy to determine SOM composition; and role of fire in SOM dynamics

Si Gao

Research focus: Biochar and pyrogenic carbon in soil C, N, and P cycling; sustainable forest and agricultural practices on soil health. See also: Co-mentored by Profs. Rebecca Ryals and Teamrat A. Ghezzehei

Hannah Palmer
Research focus: geochemical tracing of wildfire: implications for paleofire reconstruction and wildfire pollutant distribution; investigation of past fire, oceans, and climate. See also:

Graduate Students

Manisha Dolui
Ph.D. Candidate

Research focus: Vulnerability of Buried Soil Carbon due to Future Climate Change

Leila Wehab
Ph.D. Candidate

Research focus: Effect of changing precipitation patterns on Soil organic nitrogen dynamics

Melinda Gonzales
Ph.D. Student

Research focus: role of biochar in reducing greenhouse gas fluxes from soil: effects of feedstock, pyrolysis temperature, and effectiveness for reducing methane fluxes form dairy waste.

Zachary Malone
Ph.D. Student

Research focus: Effect of land management practices on SOM dynamics. Co-advised by Prof. Rebecca Ryals

Anna Jurusik
Ph.D. Student

Research focus: Pyrogenic carbon dynamics in soil, Effect of changes in precipitation on SOM dynamics

Maeve McCormick
Ph.D. Student

Coupled biogeochemical and hydrological response of soils to changing climate. Co-advised by Prof. Teamrat A. Ghezzehei


Undergraduate Student and Post-baccaluarate Researchers

Debbo Elias
Nayeli Basulto
Roza Ruis
Charlotte Calavario

Lab Alumni

Former Postdocs

Yang Yang
Now at University of California, Riverside
Nate Bogie
Now at San Jose State University
Fernanda Santos
Now at OakRidge National Lab
Michael Kaiser
Now at University of Nebraska, Lincoln
Deoyani V. Sarkhot
Now at

Former Graduate Students

Morgan Barnes
Now at Pacific Northwest National Lab
Kimber Moreland
Now at Lawrence Livermore National Lab
Lixia Jin
Rebecca Abney
Now at University of Georgia
Erin Stacy
Now at Mariposa Highschool
Samuel Negusse Araya
Now at Stanford University
Emma McCorkle
Now at California State Water Resources Control Board
Chelsea Arnold
Now at University of California, Merced (CalTeach)

Former Visting Scholars

Ben Sulman
Postdoc, Princeton University/NOAA GFDL; USA
Ray Alves
Ph.D. student; University of Brazilia; BRAZIL
Chun Liu
Ph.D. student; Hunan University and State Key Lab of Soil Erosion and Dryland Farming on the Loess Plateau; CHINA
Moritz Mainka
Undergraduate student, University of Augsburg GERMANY
Veronica Ullman
Undergraduate student, University of Augsburg GERMANY
Xin Gao
Ph.D. student; Northwest A&F University CHINA
Sebastian Doetterl
Postdoc, University of Augsburg GERMANY
Yaxian Hu
Ph.D. student; University of Basel SWITZERLAND
Elisabet Nadeu
Ph.D. student; Centro de Edafología y Biología Aplicada del Segura (CEBAS) SPAIN

Former Undergraduate Student researchers, high school interns, and research associate

Mathew McClintock
Alexander Newman
Abigail Dziegiel
Hiroto Muranaka
Laura Jelpa
Stephen Ho
Jennifer Gurrero
Alex Gueorguieva
High school intern
Jessica Meyer
Research Associate