In the Berhe soil biogeochemistry research group, we generally work on three major research areas in soil biogeochemistry investigating the effects of physical perturbations in the environment on soil organic matter (SOM) dynamics: effect of erosion, fire, and climate change.

Our work in the news & other coverages

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A short video of Asmeret discussing our lab’s research, with appearances from multiple past and present members of the Berhe lab.


International visitors:  We welcome international scientists, postdocs, and  doctoral students to visit our lab to conduct collaborative research for 2-12 months. The visitors are typically self-funded or funded by their home-institutions, and receive research support from Asmeret and other members of the Berhe lab. If interested in a visiting scholar/student appointment in our lab, please email aaberhe(at)ucmerced(dot)edu

Postdoctoral scholars:  Berhe lab occasional has funding for postdoctoral scholars. In addition to our advertised openings, if you are interested in developing a joint proposal for a postdoctoral work in the Berhe lab please email Asmeret at aaberhe(at)ucmerced(dot)edu

Graduate students:  We accept about 1 student per year to join our research group. In addition to our advertised openings, if you are interested in working in the Berhe lab to pursue a MSc or PhD  in Environmental systems at UC Merced please email Asmeret at aaberhe(at)ucmerced(dot)edu