My own journey to becoming a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Professor has taught me essential lessons on barriers to diversity in higher education, and effective approaches that can be taken to increase diversity in the academy.

First of, I would like to highlight that, to me, diversifying higher education means providing equal opportunities for everyone, including scholars from different races, ethnicities, genders, religions, sexual orientations, gender identities, age, socioeconomic status, abilities, experience, etc. My career and efforts so far have been a testament to my long-held belief that our community in public institutions of higher learning should resemble the public that we are entrusted to serve.

Below are a few useful resources for diversity, equity, and inclusion activities, esp. in the academic enterprise.

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  • Avoiding racial bias in reference writingAre you planning to write a letter of reference for a promising person of color, here is a useful guide for how to avoid common traps rooted in unconscious bias (high resolution PDF file can be downloaded from this link, Avoiding racial bias in reference writing)